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Our specialist CAM teams will help you identify the right CAM solution for your business and help youintegrate your CAM software programs for 2-,3- and 5- axis machining, multitasking centers and wire EDM’s.

Delivering CAM for CNC Machining Services

Delivering CAM for CNC Machining Services

We provide you with expert CNC programming strategies for complex 3- and 5- axis subtractive, high- rate additive and hybrid manufacturing.

Solve Complex Problems with Dedicated CNC Strategies

We give you access to a vast library of strategies and help you reduce programming times with rapid toolpath calculation.

• Shorten machining times with high-efficiency 3- and 5-axis NC code.
• Improve control with advanced tool path editing.
• Automate programming with customisable template sand macros.

Maximise CNC Machine Efficiency and Part Quality

• Automatically avoid collisions and gouges.
• Simulate, verify and optimise motion of CNC machines and industrial robots.
• Improve productivity withlights-out machining.
• Minimise the need for manual polishing.

Precise Tooling Solutions – Making Better Molds with EDM

See how this mold manufacturer uses PowerMill and Fusion 360 to produce tight tolerance parts for the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors.

FeatureCAM: Automation CAM Solitions to Make Parts Faster

We help your workfloe from design to NC code, to minimise programming times for CNC milling, turning, and wire applications.

Move from CAD Design to machined quality parts faster

We help you integrate programming software that automates your workflow from design to NC Code. Our team helps you reduce your programming time and increase consistency for a range of CNC applications.

Standardise Practices and Promote Repetability

Our CAM team help you benefit from CNC programming software that uses manufacturing knowledge to intelligently make decisions, produce results and remove repetitive process. We help you standardise best practice, quality standards and promote repeatability between all employees using the same configuration.

Comprehensive Machine Support

We provide you with a single interface for all your CNC applications helping you get more from your 3 – axis to 5 -axis mills, lathers, turn-mill centers, Swiss lathers and wire EDM’s. We will help you benefit from simulation tools which visualise programming within your machining envelope.

Frontier Technologies – Achives design specifications faster

See how this parts manufacturer for the energy industry uses FeatureCAM 5-axis toolpaths to reduce machine setups. Feature recognition enables faster programming.

PowerInspect: Delivering Inspection, Validation and Quality Control

Our specialist teams with help you identify and integrate the right inspection tools to support product validation and quality control on all types of measurement equipment. Highlighting problems early in the manufacturing process minimising disruptive and expensive rework or scrappage.

Moldflow: Plastic injection and compressing mold simulation for design and manufacturing

Moldflow plastic injection and compression molding software provides advanced tools to simulate potential challenges of manufacturing plastic injection molded parts.

Reduce delays and gain insights with plastic part simulation

Optimize part, mold, and manufacturing processes in one interface

  • Geometry modification tools and Fusion 360 in-product push enables fast CAD edits.
  • Troubleshoot part quality issues, such as warpage, sink-mark, and weld-lines.
  • Design and experiments and parametric analysis to automate optimizing the design and/or rocess.

Netfabb: Connected software for additive manufacturing, design, and simulation

Netfabb offers a complate toolset that streamlines workflows and reduces build errors.

  • Convert and import models from many different CAD apprications.
  • Create models that take advantage of additive manufacturing.
  • Maximize the numbers of parts you can fit into each build.

Streamline your workflows to produce better outcomes

  • Work with customized supports, mesh repair, and improved workflows to optimize your production process.
  • Get more from your part build, no matter what machinee is used.
  • Shorten production times and reduce manufacturing costs.

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